I am a CA Licensed General Building Contractor, I primarily focus on interior alterations and repairs. I do everything from electrical and plumbing to tiling and cutting granite counter-tops. I consistently study building techniques, electrical theory, and architecture. It is my goal to refine my skills further, work only on novel projects where I can be creative in the design, and return to school for a graduate degree in a field that will compliment my skill-set such as architecture or engineering.

Although I am continuously developing a contracting business and building acumen, I do not intend to limit myself to only one endeavor. I believe that if I can find means by which to make my passions and hobbies profitable I will always have time to do that which I love. Spearfishing, travel, photography and writing currently consume my free time. I manufacture dive weights and lines, I have plans for many more products I wish to design and construct, and good friends who are also building businesses in this niche industry. If you are reading this blog you are surely aware I enjoy writing detailed dive reports and documenting my travels. I hope to one day offer guided trips, free-dive instruction, and learning materials because like most people I genuinely enjoy social interaction and helping others. I also imagine seeing my writings in print as a satisfying and validating experience. For now, I will continue to write because I enjoy sharing and reviewing my experiences.

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