Spearing fish and exploring the ocean floor consumes me. I learned to Scuba dive as a teenager, learning in a cold manmade lake in Eastern Pennsylvania did not imbue me with any love for diving. It was only after traveling through Southeast Asia did I learn an appreciation for the ocean. When I got back to California I felt the need to try my hand at abalone diving. As a child I had always heard stories about what a skilled abalone diver my father was, these stories and the mystery of the cold and rugged north coast inspired me. I still remember vividly my first day ab diving, good conditions, fun diving, and a limit of abalone. For 3 years I made regular pilgrimages during the season. By the third season abalone diving was still enjoyable but the difficulty in collecting them was gone. I had been exposed to spearfishing while traveling in Colombia, I had befriended some locals and I accompanied them to spear the invasive lionfish with banded polespears made from aluminum curtain rods, sharpened nails, epoxy, and surgical tubing. I came back to California and coincidentally discovered my father’s old breakdown polespear while rummaging through some old storage. That year and on a clear day, a friend and I went up to Salt Point State Park.  After taking a few abalone I tried my hand at spearing rockfish in the cold Northern California waters, another success! A full year later and I still hunt with a polespear. Now instead of coming home with a couple of small Blue Rockfish, I often come home with a 30″ lingcod or bigger, large cabezon, and a variety of perch and other rockfish including the largest Kelp Rockfish ever documented in the state of California. I plan to continue improving as a diver and a spearo. I am learning to target sheepshead, halibut, and white seabass. I am also organzing spearfishing trips to Southern California and even more exotic locations. Keep an eye out for some epic trip reports.

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