I mostly spend my free time outdoors and active. Spearfishing, as of late, dominates my passion for outdoor pursuits. I love weightlessly free falling to new depths, hunting fish hidden away in the corners of deep crevices, and I love the freedom of floating back to the surface to breathe fresh air. Marine life and seascapes make freediving/spearfishing truly amazing. A love for the ocean does not keep me away from the mountains. On several occasions a year I enjoy backpacking long distances through remote back country wilderness. I like to cover miles and I like to pack light, less is more when it comes to backpacking. In the city where I live I enjoy rock climbing, running, cycling, yoga, Pilates, climbing, and more. Its not easy to keep pace with such a diversity of interests and I often times will pick up an activity and come back to it later. I have a desire to learn to kite surf, and to practice martial arts, but for now Ill stay busy with spearing fish on weekends when I can, and running mid week between yoga and Pilates classes.

Being human I also love to eat, drink, relax, and get wild from time to time.


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