I believe in a well rounded life. In a world of increasing specialization those with a diversity of skills are frequently undervalued. The saying goes “Jack of all trades, master of none, better than a king of one”.  A variety of physical endeavors and mental pursuits makes for a more adaptive and flexible individual. I have experienced the benefits that yoga has had on my apnea training, and the difference apnea training has made on my capacity for aerobic exertion. A wide variety of intellectual pursuits allows me to make comparisons between vastly different subjects and to borrow and lend from one field of knowledge to another.

I value that which gives me freedom, fulfillment and self determination: skills and experiences. With a variety of skills I am confident that I will always be capable of providing for myself and adapting to any given situation. Experiences, unlike possessions, bring true fulfillment and can’t easily be taken away. I believe comfort is a vice that breeds fear and weakness, and that which endures must fight.

I understand that little in this world is permanent and that much of my life is out of my control. Whenever I find myself in an unpleasant situation beyond my control, I try to remind myself to let go of control and to allow whatever is happening to happen. We are all exactly where we need to be.

One comment on “Philosophy

  1. Hi Charlie,

    We met at the Sportman’s Motel–an appropriate place for a person of your skills and talents to stay. I read that the motel was originally a fisherman’s retreat. I am impressed with your philosophy and the way in you have ‘understated’ it. Terrific stuff. I don’t know much about underwater activities and fishing but enough to know how impressive your involvement and blog is. I’ll take a more in depth look.
    Keep on diving!

    Jeffrey Lazarow

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