Got a question? Want some advice? Hit me up. Seriously, I think there are like 10 people that read this blog, two of them are my mother. Don’t hesitate, I’ll get back to you.

4 comments on “Contact

  1. Hey Charles,

    I read your mercury report on Norcal. I have eaten fish for 45+ years, for a period of time I ate allot of big yellowfin, yellowtail, wahoo etc from below the border. 5 yrs ago my mercury tested 21, doc said no more fish. You gotta be kiddin me, eating pork steaks and GMO shit meat is better? I stopped eating all mexico fish and kept eating all the fish around here, reds, lings, abs, halibut, even small albacore, lots of green cilantro too. Mercury is down to 5 now. Yellowtail, Yellowfin and marlin are the worst! I hear big halibut are high as well, shoot em and give them to your friends, eat the little guys. Cool Blog, Erik

  2. Hi Charlie! I want you to know I enjoy checking in on you occasionally. I find your fishing experiences particularly fascinating, especially since I live in landlocked SW MN!! Add me to your list of followers!! Will maybe see you in the fall, will be looking forward to a sample of that fish!

  3. Hey Charles i am a free diving/ ocean enthusiast from Sonoma county and am inspired by your blog and your spear fishing abilities. I first read about you and your sling fishing tactics on red triangle spear fishing team info. Keep up the great work!! Also Iam always looking for people to dive with especially experienced divers like yourself to learn from. It would be cool to dive with you one of these days. Dive conditions have been pretty good past few days been diving up in Mendo.

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